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2022 theme

Change X Unzipped is a Victorian university collaboration between Monash University, the University of Melbourne and Deakin University. Every year, students from these universities come together to host an annual two-day global health conference. As a dominating and influential factor disseminated throughout societies across the world, we aim to characterise the many facets of poverty for our delegates through the 2022 CxU conference, focused on its interplay with health: ‘Poverty and Health’. Delegates will be given the opportunity to explore these themes across the two days through engaging presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

City View


Globally, a multitude of elements and factors frequently impair the livelihoods of many
unfortunate individuals, having extensive pervasive effects upon the wellbeing of the
most vulnerable. In recent years, this has been exacerbated through the effects of
COVID-19 upon the poorest countries, placing an additional significant burden on good

Based in Melbourne, we will be exploring health issues that arise with poverty on a global level,

and how key organisations deal with challenges that occur in developing countries.

Day 2 - Scarcity In The Sunburnt Country

Day two of CxU 2022 will tackle issues closer to home. Delegates will learn how, even in developed countries,

factors linked to poverty compound at a

local level to affect healthcare access. They will be

left with a better understanding of not just the issues themselves, but what they can do for the better

in the context of Australia’s own healthcare system.

Based in Geelong, this day is focused on the invisible

barriers in Australia, and how traditionally

marginalised groups are more likely to face

difficulty accessing good healthcare.

Image by Henrique Félix
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